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photography by SpencerSky.com

For an introduction to mindfulness, start here: This sixteen minute program introduces you to a simple yet transformative way of looking at yourself and life. I present three interrelated ideas that taken together make stepping into mindfulness easy to do. Listen to this program for an overview and then go to the programs below for gently voiced guidance in entering the mindful state. 

Click here to listen to "Three Steps Into Mindfulness."

For immediate help, start here: If you need to calm down quickly and feel relieved of stress, tension, and worry, this program may be of help. It gathers the three files below into a ten minute experience that is very relaxing and reassuring. Find a place where you will not be disturbed as you listen, make yourself comfortable, and open to relief and release...

Click here to listen to "Being Present, Peaceful, and Open."

For additional guidance, go here: Below are three audio files that comprise a minicourse in mindfulness, a practice that is extremely useful for dealing with stress, and for being happier and healthier in life. I suggest you start with the first file, which guides you through physical relaxation. The second file builds on your ability to release tension, and adds a way of changing perspective so that you see things in a more manageable, affirmative light. The third file contributes the invaluable understanding of how to live with what is actually true in the here and now, rather than remaining mired in negative thinking and reaction.

"Letting Go of Stress" - This eleven minute program guides you through deep relaxation and tension release. Just sit or lie down and gain welcome relief and rejuvenation!

"Gaining Perspective" - This nineteen minute program builds on the one just above. First you are guided through relaxation. Then you are instructed about how to see what you are experiencing in a new way by becoming "the sky, not the storm."

"At This Moment" - Once you are able to let go of tension and re-envision what is happening, you can live in the present moment, rather than in your ideas and reactions. This twelve minute program instructs you in gaining and remaining in this freedom of mind.

To listen to "Letting Go of Stress," click here.

To listen to "Gaining Perspective," click here.

To listen to "At This Moment," click here.

This diagram will help you to visualize what is presented in the  audio files:


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photography by SpencerSky.com

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