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These guys are my friends, so take every hyperbole with a grain of salt...No, seriously, I am in awe of these four people, and am delighted to be able to introduce them to you:

Scott London is a free-lance journalist, social commentator, and photographer. He is perhaps best known for his National Public Radio show "Insight and Outlook." I think you'll find his website overflowing with intelligence and perspicacity, and abounding in gorgeous images.

click here to go to scottlondon.com

Timothy Conway is a fellow Adult Ed instructor. He's also an extraordinarily bright and warm human being, and as far as I can tell, he knows everything about spirituality and religion (actually, I suspect he pretty much knows everything, period). See what you think.

click here to go to enlightened-spirituality.org

Dave Richo has a background as a Catholic priest, and is now a Jungian-oriented psychotherapist. His classes and workshops are quite popular, and his books, which he quietly turns out with great regularity, are reaching an ever-growing audience. Plus he's a walking anthology of world poetry: give him any subject and he'll recite a superb poem or two, entirely from memory. Amazing! Be sure to go to the Books page of his website; there's a book you can read or download gratis.  

click here to go to davericho.com

Okay, this guy emails me, says his name is Spencer Sherman, and wants to buy my domain name. No way! But, being the saint that I am, I email him back with suggestions for alternative names that might work for him. As the correspondence continues, we become friends and arrange to meet. When we do, it's like we're brothers. A great guy with an important message: your relationship with money directly reflects your relationship with yourself and life. Visit his website and let him tell you more...

click here to go to curemoneymadness.com

photography by SpencerSky.com

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