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brief biography

Spencer Sherman received a B.S. from M.I.T. in Humanities and Science, and an M.A. and Ph.D. from Stanford University in Psychology. He has been a licensed Clinical Psychologist since 1980, and has been teaching psychology at Santa Barbara City College since 1979. He currently teaches An Introduction to Psychology, a course that applies psychology's most important theories and findings to daily life, and Positive Psychology, which is the emerging scientific understanding of the factors that promote happiness and well-being.    

Dr. Sherman has also been teaching in Santa Barbara City College's widely-respected Adult Education program since 1993.
He presently gives three classes. The Leading Edge considers the rapid evolution in human comprehension of both the outer and inner worlds, and how this enlargement of vision shapes the way we look at ourselves and structure our lives. Nature, Hiking, and Self-Healing is an opportunity for people to exercise and meditate together in beautiful natural settings. Adventures in Consciousness offers the chance to explore various nonordinary states of being and realms of enhanced awareness.

In addition, Dr. Sherman is the moderator of the Mind and Supermind lecture series. This program of free talks brings to the Santa Barbara community some of the world's most well-respected scientists, philosophers, physicians, psychotherapists, and spiritual pioneers.   

Dr. Sherman's many years of familiarity with psychological research, clinical developments, and consciousness-building practices such as meditation and self-hypnosis, as well as his ongoing interest and activities in health psychology, have led him to a way of working with people that blends neuroscience, psychotherapy, wellness promotion, and "a large helping of spiritual encouragement."

About both the meetings with individuals in his coaching and psychotherapy practice and his extensive teaching efforts, Dr. Sherman says, "We can call what I do soulwork, where soul means who we most deeply and authentically feel we are. My work is expressly in the service of catalyzing personal and societal healing, growth, and transformation."

photography by spencersky.com

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